How The System Is Supposed To Work

Workers’ compensation was created to assure workers that they would get the medical treatment they needed after a work accident, and so that they would receive a percentage of their wages while injuries kept them from working.

But the workers’ compensation system benefits employers, too. The employer does not have to face a negligence lawsuit. The employers’ expenses are limited to medical treatment, wage losses, disfigurement and when applicable, permanent disability or death benefits.

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The Eley Law Firm, based in Denver, has a thorough knowledge of workers’ compensation. We have focused our law firm’s entire practice on workers’ comp since we started in 1983, and have helped people throughout Colorado. We have a solid reputation for protecting the rights of workers. We have never represented employers or insurance carriers, and we never will.

  • With a workers’ compensation claim, you get medical and wage benefits you need without regard for who was at fault for the injury. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault process.
  • Your employer does not have to face what could be a very expensive lawsuit and a very high settlement or verdict.
  • If a third party caused your injuries, you do have the option of filing a third-party liability claim, but you cannot sue your employer. Your employer is protected from a negligence suit by an employee as long as the employer has workers’ compensation insurance.

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Make sure that your employer and the insurance company treat you fairly. Know your rights. You are always welcome to call the Eley Law Firm at 303-785-2828 for a free case evaluation after a workplace accident. You may also fill out the email form on the Contact page, and a representative from the office will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you understand your workers’ compensation rights.

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