If Your Doctor Is Not Paying Attention

If your doctor is not paying attention to you as you attempt to recover from your injuries, it is critical to take proper steps to make your concerns known and document your communication. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you protect your rights.

At the Eley Law Firm in Denver, we have been protecting the rights of injured workers since 1983. We fully understand the Colorado workers’ compensation system and how it works. We want to help every injured worker who asks for our help.

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Get Your Injury Report In Writing

The importance of reporting all of your symptoms to your doctor cannot be overstated. But if your doctor is ignoring your reports or failing to address your concerns, it is crucial to handle the situation properly. One step you can take is writing a letter to your doctor that specifically states your symptoms. This letter can go into your medical file and be used as evidence, should the insurance carrier dispute the validity of your symptoms and injuries.

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If you have been injured and it is keeping you from work, contact us today to discuss your situation with an attorney. Remember, we work on a contingency or percentage fee basis. This means you will owe us money only if we recover benefits for you.

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