Your Behavior Upon Returning To Work

Upon returning to work, whether full time or in a limited capacity, it is important to carry yourself professionally and put your best foot forward. Unfortunately, employers often look for any reason possible to terminate the employment of injured or previously injured employees, viewing their presence as a liability.

At the Eley Law Firm, we have been standing up for the rights of injured workers in Denver and throughout Colorado since 1983. We have helped hundreds of workers get the benefits they deserve and want to help everyone who asks us for help.

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You Could Lose Your Benefits

If an employee is called back to work at light duty right after an injury or after being away for a period of time, he or she can lose benefits if terminated for cause. This creates a perverse incentive for employers to seek out reasons, any reason, to terminate an injured worker.

With that as a backdrop, it is crucial to carry yourself as professionally as possible. If it was previously considered acceptable to clock in a couple minutes late, it is no longer acceptable. Think of it this way: If you are returning to work after being injured, you need to commit yourself to being the employee of the month. This way, you can protect yourself from being terminated for trumped-up reasons.

Protect Your Job And Your Benefits

To discuss your rights and responsibilities with an experienced lawyer, contact us today for a free consultation. If you are worried about being able to afford a lawyer, remember that we work on a contingency or percentage-fee basis. This means you will owe us money only if we recover benefits for you.

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