The Discovery Process In A Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

Discovery is one of the most crucial steps in the workers’ compensation hearing process. This procedure allows both sides to gather information and evidence for their case. As you pursue the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, it is important to have an experienced lawyer handling your case who understands how to properly handle discovery.

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Information, Facts And Evidence

During the discovery, both sides exchange information, facts and evidence that will potentially be used in the hearing. Often, the other side will ask questions such as:

  • How did the injury happen?
  • What were you being paid?
  • Did you report your injury?
  • Did anyone witness your injury?
  • What is your medical history?
  • What is your employment history?

While many of these questions — particularly questions involving your medical records and pre-existing conditions — may seem invasive, it is important to cooperate with your attorney and answer these questions to the best of your ability. In fact, most of the questions the other side will ask involve information it is entitled to, and delayed answers could lead to a delayed hearing. If you have objections to some of the questions, bring them to your attorney’s attention.

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