Returning To Work — Guidance From An Experienced Denver Attorney

While Colorado workers’ compensation laws do not require an employer to hold your job open while you recover from your injuries, your employer may invite you back to perform “light duty” work that meets the criteria agreed upon by you and your doctor. Failure to accept a doctor-approved job offer can result in termination of your lost wage benefits. If you are considering returning to work, it is important to make sure your rights are being protected.

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Be Honest About Your Restrictions — A Colorado Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help

Based on your disability rating and recovery from your injuries, some jobs will be outside of the scope of work you can do. If your employer invites you back for “light duty work” and then pressures you to perform work you are restricted from doing, it is important to be upfront with your employer about your restrictions.

If necessary, you should have your attorney write to the insurance adjuster, documenting the situation. Going ahead and doing the work anyway will only hurt your credibility and potentially lead to a setback in your recovery from your injury.

Learn About Your Responsibilities When Returning To Work

For more information on your rights and responsibilities when returning to work in Colorado, see the following:

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