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The Forms You Need For Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claims

This page contains helpful links to some of the forms needed to pursue a workers’ compensation claim in Colorado.

Basic Claims Process — This guide is published by the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. It provides helpful information on how a claim goes forward.

Employer’s First Report of Injury — Claim from this form provides notice of the injury to the insurance company and the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Application for Hearing — This is filed to request a hearing before the Office of Administrative Courts.

Request for Expedited Hearing — Under some circumstances, a hearing can be expedited. However, expedited hearings are often postponed which can delay a hearing beyond the date it would have occurred if you had gone through the normal hearing process.

Notice and Proposal to Select Independent Medical Examiner — This form is used by a party to initiate a request for a Division Independent Medical Exam (IME) and to propose the name of a physician to perform the exam.

Application for Division Independent Medical Examination — After filing a Notice and Proposal (Form WC146), this application is used by a claimant or insurer to request and Independent Medical Examination (IME) through the Division for a determination of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), permanent impairment or both.

Application for Indigent Determination (IME) — This application is used by claimants who can’t afford to pay the fees for a Division IME.

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