Reporting All Of Your Injury Symptoms

After your injury, it is important to share all of your symptoms with your doctor so you can be put on an appropriate treatment regimen. Failure to do so can result in some injuries being denied by the carrier or being left untreated by your doctor. Likewise, it is important to work closely with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to make sure your legal claim is handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Report Your Symptoms Now And In The Future

In the days immediately after an injury, you may be so focused on the pain in one area of your body that you don’t realize you have suffered multiple injuries. It is important to report your pain and other symptoms as soon as possible after becoming aware of them. If you wait too long to report them, it could encourage the insurance company to deny your claim and could hurt your credibility in the eyes of the judge who could ultimately rule on your claim.

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