Taking action as an injured server in Denver

Servers in bars and restaurants engage in physical and manual work that can take a toll on the body. Being on your feet during your entire shift can mean that you suffer from muscle strains or foot injuries, especially if your employer is not granting you adequate time for rest. In addition, restaurants and bars…


Millions of teenagers face dangers in the fast food industry

Most people see the fast food industry as an entry-level job, a way to gain some experience in a relatively undemanding job that does not require an education or special training. That’s why it is one of the first places that teenagers turn when it comes time to get some work experience on their resume….


Did chemical hazards in your restaurant job cause you lost wages?

Restaurant workers in Colorado face many safety hazards, some of which are not as obvious as sharp objects, hot fluids and slip-and-fall accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the various chemicals used in restaurants pose significant hazards. Employees who want to stay safe and avoid injuries that could result in lost wages might…


McDonald’s workers afraid of being injured at work

Many people in Colorado have heard that fast food workers are attempting to get their wages increased. Recently, McDonald’s workers at locations in 19 cities filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that they are concerned about being injured at work. Some believe that the complaints are part of the campaign to win…


Workers hospitalized after chemical cloud spreads at IHOP

A cloud of chlorine gas emanated from the dishwasher in an IHOP last week after an employee mixed two cleaning products and started the wash cycle. “There was a big cloud of smoke and it filled up the air. It smelled like straight bleach,” according to one witness. This incident could lead to workers’ compensation…

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