What are the most common causes of workplace accidents?

Some workplaces in Colorado, especially industrial ones, are filled with potential dangers. Others have little to none. Yet all have potential problems where injuries can occur, even when an environment seems completely safe. Common situations cause workplace accidents If you are a victim of a workplace injury that qualifies for workers’ compensation, chances are one…


Workplace accidents and injuries in 2022

Thousands of workers’ compensation claims are filed each year in Colorado. The rate of workers’ comp claims rises and falls based on the number of workplace accidents and injuries that occur. Workplace dangers could remain the same while the rates of accidents change. Rates of injuries and accidents An average of 4,000 injuries occur in…


Demolition accidents continue to claim lives

Accidents at construction sites are all too common in Colorado. This includes injuries and fatalities that take place during planned demolition operations. As a result, more workers are filing for compensation after they receive their injuries. This is a serious issue that costs many millions of dollars to solve. Planned demolitions can sometimes go very…


New workers: A higher accident risk

Residents of Colorado might want to learn more about workers’ compensation and who is most at risk. A report from an insurance company in 2022 found that new workers had the highest risk of injury. This was for many occupations, although some industries had more accidents. According to business wire services, the study revealed that…


Detours vs frolics for job-related injuries: why the difference matters

Your work duties may require you to travel around town or even farther. You probably already know that you can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury while working at your job site or traveling for work. But what if you suffer an injury while on a brief break, such as when…


Preventable forklift accidents

Those who have worked within a warehouse before understand the importance of safety. This is especially important for those who operate a forklift on a daily basis. In fact, Colorado and other states have laws in place on how a forklift should be operated and who can operate one of these machines. Unfortunately, that does…

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