What should my employer be doing to prevent nurse injuries?

Nurses are at risk for a variety of injuries on the job, including injuries from moving patients. Several factors, such as improper lifting techniques, overexertion and slips and falls, can cause these injuries. Hospitals can help nurses avoid these injuries by providing proper training, equipment, and support. Here are some tips for hospitals to help…


Navigating workers’ compensation as an injured nurse

Nurses have a wide variety of responsibilities in their workplace. Not only do they need to have a high standard of medical knowledge to perform potentially life-saving procedures and emotional competence to comfort patients in difficult and distressing times, they also spend a lot of time doing physical work. This can include lifting patients from…


Accidental needle sticks in a hospital a real risk for staff

There are plenty of risks involved in working in modern hospital settings. Hospital staff members can wind up injured if they fall while rushing to respond to a patient. They could do permanent damage to their joints while attempting to move or lift a patient. They can face violence from patients with mental health problems…


Common dangers nurses face on each shift

Nurses have dangerous jobs even when they have proper safety protocol on the job site. There are some risks that can be reduced but not eliminated. It is imperative that any company employing nurses take steps to ensure that these vital workers can do their job as safely as possible. The rate at which nurses…


Nurses may become patients after years of heavy lifting

If you work as a nurse, you probably went into medicine because you want to take care of or help other people. Nurses provide hands-on, direct care that can make a major impact on patients. Medical careers like nursing offer not just excellent stability and pay but also the satisfaction that comes from a job…


Working in a hospital is more dangerous than you thought

If there’s any workplace where you can get quick treatment for an injury, it’s a hospital. This leads some people to assume that this line of work is fairly safe. It’s far easier to imagine factory workers getting hurt by heavy equipment, logging workers getting injured at remote locations and construction workers falling from heights….

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