Caught-in/between construction accidents and how to prevent them

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified four particularly dangerous types of construction accidents. Known as the “Fatal Four” or “Focus Four”, these are: Falls Struck-by objects Electrocution Caught-in and caught-between accidents This blog post will focus on “caught-in” and “caught-between” construction accidents. These accidents were responsible for the deaths of 275 construction workers…


Crushing injuries, dashed hopes

Some jobs inevitably put you between one solid object and another. When this happens you may suffer injury by crushing. Crushing or compression injuries are a horrific class of injuries that can happen in a number of ways: You may be caught between two vehicles. A vehicle can tip over onto you. A vehicle can…


Look out below! Roof collapse in Colorado due to heavy snow.

As the winter months continue, we also continue our informal series on snow-related workplace hazards. Previously we’ve discussed some of the dangers that ski resort workers can face while on the slopes as well as hazards associated with snow removal. But snow-related work accidents can affect employees who are indoors as well. In central Colorado,…


Worker’s leg amputated after serious crush injury

Imagine not being able to get up and down stairs like you used to. Imagine having to rely on other people to go to the grocery store. Imagine being unable to support yourself financially because you are unable to work. For workers, a crush injury may not seem serious at first but could eventually lead…


Ski season in Colorado also brings avalanche dangers for workers

It’s that time of year again: ski and snowboard season. Colorado residents have already had some time to hit the slopes and enjoy some fun outdoor activities. And as visitors continue to flock into the state to enjoy the slopes, resort and ski hill personnel are on the lookout for dangerous conditions, such as avalanche…


Food plant cited after employee loses limb in workplace injury

Unguarded manufacturing equipment is a menace to safety and health professionals throughout Colorado and the rest of the nation. Too many employees lose their limbs – or even their lives – after suffering a workplace injury because employers fail to follow standard safety protocol. A food manufacturing plant in Colorado’s neighboring state of Kansas is…

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