Choosing the Right Eye Protection for Construction Workers

Construction is one of the most high-risk industries for workplace injuries. With workers constantly operating around heavy machinery, exposed electrical systems, and heightened work surfaces, the risk of accidents is significant. That is why construction workers must wear proper protective equipment, like safety glasses. Choosing the right eye protection for construction workers is more than…


Common Construction Worker Injuries

Construction sites are integral to the growth and development of our communities. However, for the hardworking employees who are on these sites, the risk of injury is an ever-present reality. Certain types of injuries are more common among construction workers than others. If you are injured in a Colorado construction accident, you have the right…


Understanding workplace concussions

Concussions are a serious problem in the Colorado workplace. Every year, workers suffer from concussions and other head injuries that require time off work for treatment. Many workers do not realize that they can receive workers’ compensation benefits for these injuries. How do workers suffer concussions at the workplace? Common causes of concussions include falls,…


Demolition accidents continue to claim lives

Accidents at construction sites are all too common in Colorado. This includes injuries and fatalities that take place during planned demolition operations. As a result, more workers are filing for compensation after they receive their injuries. This is a serious issue that costs many millions of dollars to solve. Planned demolitions can sometimes go very…


Common construction site hazards and injuries

Construction sites are a common source of injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims in Colorado. Although the focus on construction safety is on the rise, many construction workers are still exposed to certain hazards, which include the following. Falls As a construction worker, you have to use ladders, cranes, scaffolding and other similar forms…


How dangerous are scaffolds?

Construction work doesn’t always involve building foundations or handling tasks at the ground level. Multi-floor projects in Colorado often involve workers standing on scaffolds and performing all kinds of duties. Working on scaffolding comes with risks, so people may benefit from being aware of typical injuries. Scaffold dangers and injuries The Center for Construction Research…

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