Why are truck drivers susceptible to shoulder injuries?

Trucking is a difficult job for residents from the Denver, Colorado area. In addition to working typically long hours, it’s common for on-the-job injuries to develop. One of the most common affects a trucker’s shoulder. How common are shoulder injuries in truckers? Truck drivers are required to drive for many hours each day while making…


Do repetitive stress injuries require missing work to recover?

Does every workplace injury happen without warning? While many occur in this manner, not all injuries happen in such a way. Some develop slowly over time and are known as repetitive stress injuries. Colorado workers may begin to notice such problems and not think much of them at first. Eventually, things could worsen, making it…


How can repetitive work tasks cause injuries?

If you work in manual labor and you take repetitive actions, you may find that you make the same physical actions or engage in the same types of movements hundreds of times per day. It may be that you are a gardener and find that your shoulders and arms get sore after a long day…


Repetitive stress worries for $11 an hour?

If white-collar workers suffer the most from repetitive stress injuries, then java-collar workers are surely suffering more. Work-related injuries among baristas are on the rise, comprising mostly of elbow, wrist and joint problems from repetitive stress. Some have even coined the term “barista wrist” although baristas suffering from medial epicondylitis, or golfer’s elbow, is just…


How to improve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

When your hands are your livelihood, discomfort in your hands is a frightening prospect. Feelings of numbness or tingling in your fingers could be symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Before you start to panic, know there are techniques that may improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel occurs when there is pressure on the…


When nurses become patients

It’s no secret that one of the most dangerous jobs is nursing. In terms of career-ending injuries, nursing care ranks up there with construction, mining and the military. Common nursing injuries  Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are seven times more common in nursing than the average of all other professions. Repetitive stress injuries, including bursitis, tendinitis, rotator…

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