4 common hazards of airport work

Colorado is home to over a dozen airports, including one major international hub. Airport workers perform all different kinds of jobs in a constantly changing and sometimes hectic environment. Here are four of the most common airport worker hazards: #1: Slip-and-fall accidents Slip-and-fall accidents account for a huge portion of workers’ compensation claims across all…


Slip and falls while operating pushback vehicles

Some people who work in airports in Colorado must work with and around pushback vehicles. These robotic tractors help to push airplanes away from the gates without the jets having to use reverse thrust. While using pushback procedures can help to get aircraft in place to prepare for takeoff, working with and around these vehicles…


Most common injuries for airport workers

There are workplace hazards in most Colorado jobs, but working in an airport brings with it certain risks unique to the environment. You may want to have a general idea of what types of injuries are most common for workers in airports. Injuries for airport workers People often get injured while using a baggage car….


Ground crew workers should be cautious in winter weather

Airline workers are sometimes out in the elements. Baggage handlers and others who work on the tarmac are usually outside in all sorts of weather. With winter right around the corner, these workers should ensure that they’re prepared for what the Denver weather will bring. Working in the cold comes with some specific hazards. Knowing…


Workers’ compensation rights for airline workers

As an airline worker, you’ll know that your work is often physically strenuous and exhausting. In addition to serving customers and making sure that their needs are met, you have the responsibility to ensure that they are kept safe at all times. This can lead to enormous amounts of stress, and in many cases, you…


10 tips for drivers operating on an airfield

Individuals who work on the ground at airports need to ensure that they are handling situations in a safe manner. The airlines and airports for which they work must provide them with a safe work environment. Many of these workers do their job duties across vast areas of the airfield. Anyone who uses vehicles to…

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