When can workers’ compensation benefits be reduced?

The Colorado workers’ compensation system provides vital assistance to people who suffer on-the-job injuries. The benefits provided cover medical costs, partial replacement of wages, and when indicated, disability benefits. But in some cases, benefits can be reduced before an injured worker reaches the point of maximum medical improvement. Injured workers owe it to themselves to…


Should you agree to a functional capacity evaluation?

If you are a workers’ compensation claimant who is reaching the point of maximum medical improvement, the insurance company may ask you to submit to a functional capacity evaluation (FCE). An FCE is a series of tests that measure a person’s physical capacities and functional abilities. Determining whether to submit to an FCE is a…


First responders can now get benefits for PTSD

It took years of work, but with the signing of H.B. 17-1229 last month, first responders and other workers in Colorado can now get workers’ compensation benefits for job-related post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Colorado thus joins a small number of states that recognize PTSD as a compensable work illness. The problem with PTSD and…


Workers’ comp gender gap: Does the system underpay women?

The pay gap between men and women is a stubborn and rather upsetting fact of American life. On average, women make only 79 percent of what men make – and the gender gap has barely budged at all in the past decade. This fact has been widely reported. But is it true that there is…

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