Two Colorado DOT workers injured in highway collision

A recent post discussed the dangers that Colorado road workers face on-the-job each day. A Colorado Department of Transportation worker was killed after he was struck by a car; he had been retrieving a piece of loose debris from the road to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Now, two more CDOT workers were injured after a semi truck hit their vehicle. The accident occurred just last week as the workers were closing down a lane on the highway. The two individuals were inside the CDOT vehicle when it was hit.

Whenever a worker is in a work-related accident and suffers an injury, the issue of workers’ compensation can arise. In many instances, the injury prevents the worker from doing his or her job, sometimes resulting in a lengthy period of rehabilitation and therapy. Even after that period of time, there is no guarantee that the worker will recover fully to his or her previous state.

During that time, there are medical bills for treatment and medication that can continue to grow. All while the worker may be unable to work, resulting in lost wages. This can add up over time and the worker and his or her family may find themselves in a tight financial situation as a result of the work injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help an injured worker with some of those additional and unexpected expenses. And while the process for obtaining these benefits can be complicated, it would make the recovery process go more smoothly.

The two CDOT employees may need to consider these types of benefits. Both were hospitalized with injuries from the crash; they appear to be recovering and in stable condition.

Source: Denver Post: “CDOT workers hospitalized after car hit by semi in Greeley,” Aug. 13, 2011.

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