Construction workers settle with companies after platform collapse

A minor injury stemming from a work accident may prevent a worker from returning to his or her job for a short period of time. But a more severe injury, such as a neck or back injury can result in months or even years of recovery and rehabilitation.

A back injury can occur in a number of different ways. Several construction workers suffered this type of injury nearly three years ago after scaffolding they had been working atop collapsed underneath them. Just recently, the lawsuit that had been filed for the injured construction workers was settled, leaving the victims of the workplace accident with an award that will hopefully help them with medical expenses and lost wages.

The incident occurred in the winter of 2008. Construction had begun on a walkway that was to go through trees, high above the ground. Workers were nearly 40 feet above the ground on an elevated platform when it suddenly collapsed.

The accident left one construction worker killed and 18 more injured. The workers believed that the scaffolding they had been standing on had not been properly put together or anchored to the elevated walkway. A lawsuit was filed on their behalf against the complex where the walkway was being built as well as a number of construction companies.

The settlement should help the injured construction workers with the expenses that have no doubt grown in the past few years. Especially those with serious brain and spinal injuries, treatment and home care can be expensive. If the workers were unable to do their job, the ability to pay those medical bills would be even more difficult without a steady income.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Atlanta Botanical Garden accident settles for $15 million,” Bill Rankin, Oct. 4, 2011

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