Explosion at car manufacturing plant leaves employee injured

Whether you work in a Denver lab or a Colorado manufacturing plant, you should be able to expect that you will be safe at work. If you do suffer work injuries, however, it is possible to file for workers’ compensation to cover your medical expenses and your lost wages while you are recovering. It is important that anyone in Colorado with a severe workplace injury seek medical attention, but shortly after, he or she should get help from a workers’ compensation attorney to help file for benefits.

After an employee in a car manufacturing plant was recently injured, it is likely that he will be filing for workers’ compensation. He had been working with General Motors in the battery lab when a gas exploded. The chemical had ignited during a battery test, severely injuring the man.

Though it is unclear what his prognosis is, the fire department has said that the lab was also seriously damaged in the accident, indicating that the man’s injuries were quite severe. The employee was rushed to the hospital and stayed several days. It is unclear if he has been released yet.

The test that the worker was performing was meant to test the safety of the battery. A General Motors spokesperson has said that these types of accidents are common with new technology, but any kind of workplace injury is unacceptable. Employers must provide a safe environment for their employees and when they fail to do so their employees deserve workers’ compensation for their injuries.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “GM employee injured in batter lab explosion expected to stay in hospital another day,” Nathan Bomey, April 12, 2012

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