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May 2012 Archives

Colorado Summers Can Be Deadly For Outdoor Workers

Colorado gets hot in the summertime. For most people, the hot weather is nothing more than a source of discomfort. However, for workers who labor outdoors - like landscapers, construction workers, agricultural employees and road crews - warm temperatures can cause serious injury or even death.

New technology allows the paralyzed to walk

Colorado construction workers know that their jobs come with certain risks, but they also know that their employers are supposed to be doing everything they can to keep them safe. When they don't and someone is injured in a Westminster construction accident, it is possible that a worker could sustain a severe injury to the spine and end up paralyzed.

Aurora employee sustains serious crush injuries in accident

Aurora, Colorado, was the scene of a horrific workplace accident recently. According to ABC7 News, a construction worker was building a retaining wall when the prefabricated concrete slab fell on him. The man is recovering in the hospital, but it is unclear what his condition is. As he takes time to recover and until he is ready to return to work, he may be eligible for lost wages.

Federal inspections have positive impacts on safety with few costs

There are some in Colorado who may doubt the effectiveness of federal safety inspections, unsure about whether they really protect workers from dangerous accidents. A new study has shown, however, that visits by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration reduces the risk of workplace injuries and have relatively few costs to companies.

Back pain reduced by early morning stretches

Each a time a Denver employee arrives on the job there is a risk of injury and back injuries are especially common in the workplace. They can stem from a Colorado employee slipping and falling or from sitting for long hours in an office chair. This can lead to debilitating back pain. In many cases this back pain will lead to a Colorado workers' compensation claim, there are certain stretches that we can all do to help lessen back pain.

Colorado back injuries can be prevented by changing positions

Nearly everyone in Denver has felt that slight twinge after getting up from a long day in an office chair. Back pain and injuries to the lower back are extremely common for office workers and are often the reason why an employee will miss work. Although this is a problem that affects people across Colorado, it is often something that employers would be able to fix by making a few simple changes in the workplace.

Event honors Colorado employees who died in work zone accidents

Workers from the Colorado Department of Transportation convened this week to honor their coworkers who died on the job during the past year. Preliminary numbers indicate that 10 people were killed in work zones in 2011, and 96 other people were injured. A total of 830 crashes happened in Colorado work zones during the past year and the problem continues to grow, according to agency officials.

Construction worker risks life to get coworker from vat of acid

Colorado construction workers know that their jobs are dangerous and that it is very easy to become injured on the job. A workplace injury does more than just cost a lot in medical costs, but it can prevent an employee from working for days, weeks or longer. These lost wages make it difficult for the injured Denver worker to pay his or her bills and puts pressure on his or her family to make ends meet.

Highway crews prepare for deadly season

Roadside construction and road repair is a dangerous occupation. Now that summer highway repair projects are underway, workers must prepare for the worst when avoiding the potential deadly hazards of reckless and speeding drivers.

Falling crane injures, hospitalizes two construction workers

Denver construction workers know how important workplace safety can be. The tiniest misstep, skipping a final check or rushing through a job could easily lead to temporary disability and lost wages. While the people of Colorado hope that these accidents won't happen, it is important to speak with an attorney when they do. The Colorado workers' compensation program is difficult to understand and anyone who is out of work because of an accident needs all the money they can get.

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