Construction workers injured when hit by rebar

Another construction accident has left two employees recovering in the hospital. These men had been working on the roof of a parking garage when they were hit by a wall of reinforced concrete. The men had to be rescued by the fire department and were taken from the roof with a series of ropes and pulleys.

Though true that Denver-area construction sites are dangerous places, it is important that the construction workers who work the sites are safe. Not many people would take a job if they thought their employers were not creating a safe environment for them or looking out for their safety. Sadly, some employers in Denver don’t do enough to protect their employees and they are seriously injured on the job.

Construction-site injuries are often covered by workers’ compensation and there should be no discussion about whose fault the injury is. In Colorado, the workers’ compensation system does not require an injured person to prove that the injury was his or her employer’s fault. But, because the workers’ compensation system can often be confusing, it is important to seek out a workers” compensation attorney when questions arise.

The two men who were injured in this accident were on the roof when they were hit. It is not entirely clear how the wall of rebar hit them, but it caused moderate to serious injuries in one man and moderate injuries in the other. Luckily, both men are expected to survive, but it remains to be seen how long the men will be away from work and recovering.

Source: The Seattle Times, “2 injured in Seattle construction accident,” Christine Clarridge, Sept. 20, 2012

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