Engineer falls from bridge, suffers fatal injuries

Not all workplaces in Denver are created equally. There are risks and safety issues at every job, but some of the most exposed and dangerous places may be construction sites. Whether it is heavy equipment, heights, outdoor exposure or some other condition, construction workers, architects and engineers may be at a high risk of injury or death.

This does not mean, however, that construction workers need to resign themselves to being in a dangerous profession. Yes, they need to be vigilant and pay attention to certain conditions more than other Denver employees, but that does not mean that their employers don’t have the same responsibility to provide a safe workplace for them. Employers need to take concrete steps to improve workplace safety and eliminate some of the risks associated with working construction.

Sadly, sometimes accidents still happen and it is very possible that construction workers will sustain fatal injuries. That is what happened to one engineer who was recently scouting a bridge renovation project. The 54 year old had been inspecting a pedestrian bridge that was slotted for major repairs when he fell.

It is still unclear what happened and it is likely that investigators are looking into this horrific accident. It is known, however, that the man fell approximately 100 feet before lading near railroad tracks.

Had this tragedy happened in Colorado, it is likely that the engineer’s family would be able to apply for workers’ compensation to not only cover the costs associated with a fatal accident, but also to help replace his missing income.

Source: New York Post, “Worker in fatal bridge plunge,” Ikimulisa Livingston and Kirstan Conley, Jan. 16, 2013

Within our practice we have worked with many family members whose loved ones suffered fatal injuries in construction accidents. You can find out more about the Colorado workers’ compensation death and dependency benefits program by visiting our website.

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