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May 2013 Archives

40 percent of people with lower back pain may need antibiotics

This blog has talked extensively about the problems that come with workplace injuries and back pain. There are a number of different reasons why someone's back may be hurting, just as there are a variety of different degrees of pain. Some Colorado workers may have minor pain from sitting in front of a computer too long, while others may have fallen or strained their back, resulting in a slipped disc, while working on a construction site.

Man paralyzed in workplace accident can stand, walk again

Fortunately for many employees in Colorado, workplace back injuries rarely end in paralysis. That does not mean that some don't, or that some work accidents result in severe injuries to the spine, many of which result in workers' compensation. One of the biggest problems with workplace back injuries is that they can quickly go from just a small twinge into something much more serious.

5 years after accident, construction worker is still injured

Being hit by a moving vehicle is not a risk associated with most jobs, but for the many construction workers on Denver's roads and highways, it is an ever-present danger. No matter how many barriers are put up, reflective gear is worn or signs are posted, there will be some drivers who miss it all and can cause very serious injuries in construction zones. Fortunately, there is workers' compensation for construction workers injured on the job, but that doesn't mean the injuries will be quick to heal.

High use of opiates indicates high number of back injuries

In a recent study of opiate use, overuse and overdose, it was determined that significant number of people were given opiates following a workplace back injury. While it might make sense to give opiates immediately following a work-related back injury, prescribing such powerful painkillers after the first six weeks may not be that helpful.

Aurora employee shot while at work, seriously wounded

The people of Aurora may have been shocked to learn of a horrific shooting in the 1800 block of South Havana Street earlier this week. The victim was an employee of an adult store and had been at work when the suspected gunman entered the store and shot the individual working. Aurora police are still looking into the crime, as well as what could have caused the suspect to shoot the employee.

Pro baseball players balk at brain injury protection

Denver sports fans have been hearing a lot lately about the traumatic brain injuries that plague professional football players. Over the course of even just a season or two, these athletes suffer repeated blows to the head, causing long-term damage that may not only ruin their careers, but shorten their lives measurably by causing irreversible dementia and other serious neurological problems. Many former players have attempted to collect workers' compensation or filed lawsuits against the NFL as a result.

Neck injury plagues Dancing with the Stars contestant

Anyone in Denver who is a fan of the television sensation "Dancing with the Stars" may have recently seen professional dancer Karina Smirnoff fall on her jaw. They may not have known, however, that she was rushed to the hospital after it appeared she had dislocated her jaw and sustained whiplash to her neck. Although this may have just been another night in front of the television for Denver viewers, it was a workplace neck injury for Smirnoff.

Hundreds of thousands of workers injured, killed each year

It is shocking to think of the number of people who are injured or killed each year working in Colorado and across the nation. While there are state and federal protections in place to prevent these kinds of injuries and deaths, there are still many workers in Colorado who must file for workers' compensation following a serious on-the-job accident. And, according to the president of the Teamsters Union, the number of workplace injuries is "enormous."

Federal transportation body lists common causes of truck crashes

While many people in Castle Rock Parker may look at the large semitrailer trucks rumbling down the road and think about the kind of damage an accident with a heavy truck could cause, the drivers employed by the trucking companies are also at risk of serious injury. When trucking accidents do happen, it is important to remember that it is not always the truckers' fault; sometimes it is a motorist who caused the accident.

Temporary workers often overlooked concerning workplace safety

Workplace accidents happen everyday across the United States. Workplace policies that might be able to prevent many workplace injuries often target permanent workers at businesses. However, recently the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been increasing its monitoring of safety training efforts geared toward temporary workers.

Electrical flash sends worker to hospital

When the power goes out in Fort Collins many people may become annoyed by the inconvenience. While it can certainly be aggravating to lose power, there is often some kind of weather event that resulted in the outage. This could mean that electric company employees are braving very serious conditions to restore power. Most of the time, they are able to do so without injury, but every so often someone will get injured on the job.

Denver workers: Be aware of the risks of TBI from auto accidents

Due to the frequency of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S., those who are required to drive as a part of their job responsibilities run the risk of being injured while on the job. Severe auto accidents can cause life-changing harm, in some cases requiring an individual to receive specialized medical care for a lifetime.

Federal agency targets temporary workers' safety

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a strong presence in Colorado and it is a requirement that Greeley employers create safe workplaces for their staff. This includes providing the proper training, safety equipment and a host of other measures that could be the difference between another day on the job and a serious or fatal injury.

Clinical trial may pave way for new treatments for paralysis

A new clinical trial, which gained approval from federal officials earlier this year, should provide some hope for workers in Denver, Colorado who have sustained spinal cord injuries while on the job. The primary aim of the clinical trial is to seek a cure for paralysis.

State reports 3 times fewer workplace fatalities than happen

When the Colorado Department of Labor reports on workplace fatalities, many members of the Denver public likely believe that the number is an accurate representation of everyone who died in a tragic workplace accident. The truth is, however, that many state departments of labor are limited in which work-related deaths they can investigate and report.

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