Elevator mechanic crushed to death by elevator counterweight

The family of a 63-year-old elevator mechanic is in mourning after it was reported that he was crushed to death while working on an elevator. While the loss of any family member is difficult, it is particularly difficult to know that someone died in a work-related accident, as employers are required to protect their employees against workplace hazards. Unfortunately, some things are beyond their control, but regardless if an accident should have been protected against or not, the families of Colorado employees killed at work deserve death and dependency benefits.

Although this tragic accident did not happen in Colorado, the underlying risks associated with elevator repair are something that elevator mechanics in Denver have to deal with on a daily basis. In this case, the mechanic was working on a ladder directly beneath the counterweight when it fell and struck him.

Investigators are still looking into exactly what happened and what caused the counterweight to drop. As more information is uncovered, it can hopefully be used to prevent these kinds of workplace tragedies in the future. Just as important, however, is that the man’s family members can use the information as even more evidence of why they deserve death and dependency benefits.

In Colorado, these benefits are important tools to help families adjust to the loss of family members. While nothing will ever fill the emotional hole left by a workplace accident, these benefits can provide much-needed financial support following a spouse or parent’s death and the loss of his or her income. The process can be tricky, however, which is why many family members turn it over to workers’ compensation attorneys, allowing them to focus on what is really important: grieving.

Source: NBC Bay Area, “Elevator worker dies at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara,” Lisa Fernandez, Bob Redell and Alan Waples, June 11, 2013

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