Steel beam fails, causing construction collapse

One of the dangers to Pueblo construction workers is that while a building is under construction, all of the supports and structural pieces to prevent collapse are not in place. Sometimes, it is not until a building is ready to open that it is in compliance with the city’s building code. Until that time, Colorado construction workers are going in and out and working on a building that is being held up by temporary supports. Should a support fail, however, there would be a very serious accident.

Unfortunately, it appears that a construction worker was injured recently when the building he was in collapsed. He and five other workers were near a steel support beam when it is believed the beam failed. Specifically, the beam split, landing on the floor below.

The injured construction worker was rushed to the hospital and admitted in stable condition. Although it is still unclear exactly what his injuries are or if he will be able to return to work, it is likely that he will want to work with a lawyer who can help him through the workers’ compensation process. Trying to figure out the right paperwork and proof of injury after a serious accident like this can be incredibly confusing and it is important that the paperwork be filled out correctly the first time. A workers’ compensation attorney can facilitate the process and let the employee get back to healing and recovering.

The construction site where this accident happened will remain closed for several days.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “1 Injured In Construction Accident on Campus Of Temple University,” Steve Beck, Ian Bush and Kelly Hessedal, July 11, 2013

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