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December 2016 Archives

Injured workers may seek guidance with filing benefits claims

Although Colorado workers likely know that they can pursue recovery of medical expenses after suffering work-related injuries, they may be concerned about the time it will take before they receive benefits. To limit any lost wages, injured workers will likely want to get back to work as soon as possible, but if they are temporarily disabled, wage replacement may be sought. By following the right steps, the benefits may be received without long delays.

Ramp agents and repetitive lifting injuries

Anyone who has packed a suitcase knows that it can be surprisingly heavy. Even with extra charges for heavy luggage these days, travelers tend to pack in abundance. Carrying one or two of those through an airport is enough work, but for ramp agents, aka baggage handlers, it's an unending sea of suitcases. A centralized hub like DIA doesn't just move the luggage of those who walk in and out of the DIA gates, but any connecting flight that meets in the middle of the country.

A bustling airport is a dangerous environment for ground crew

For those who find US highways to be chaotic and full of activity, imagine life on the ground crew at Denver International Airport (commonly referred to as DIA). Instead of cars and trucks zooming past, the runways have a mix of all manner of vehicles. Gigantic airplanes scorch past, demanding the most attention, but fuel trucks, cargo vehicles and maintenance carts all use the same pathways. There are rules in place for the different equipment but accidents still happen.

The dangers of robots may lead to fatally injured workers

More and more industrial facilities in Colorado and elsewhere are adding robotic machines to their manufacturing processes. Considering that some employers do not comply with safety regulations related to the safeguarding of machines that have been in use for decades, employees may rightfully be concerned about their safety around the robots that pose even more hazards. Allowing energized robots to work side by side with human employees have already led to severely, and even fatally, injured workers.

Towing industry plus harsh winter weather equals injured workers

The harsh weather conditions in Colorado at this time of the year are threatening to the lives of all workers who have to do their jobs outside. Tow truck operators and their assistants are particularly busy in adverse weather. They are kept out in the cold by cars landing in ditches, dead batteries and burst tires caused by extreme pressure changes -- often leaving injured workers.

Scaffold accidents: 10,000 employees injured at work every year

Construction workers in Colorado and elsewhere put their lives on the line every time they climb onto a scaffold. Thousands of construction workers are injured at work every year due to the collapse of scaffold structures. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently reported the shocking details of a contactor in another state that continues to expose employees to life-threatening hazards -- despite being issued with citations for scaffolding hazards on 41 previous occasions.

Explosion sends worker with burn injuries for medical treatment

There will always be a great danger of explosions at manufacturers of aerosol products in Colorado and other states. A devastating explosion at such a plant rocked a city in a neighboring state on a recent Tuesday shortly after 6 a.m. Residents in the area and workers at the facility were in great danger, but miraculously, only one employee needed medical treatment for the injuries he suffered.

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