Crushing injuries, dashed hopes

Some jobs inevitably put you between one solid object and another. When this happens you may suffer injury by crushing.

Crushing or compression injuries are a horrific class of injuries that can happen in a number of ways:

  • You may be caught between two vehicles.
  • A vehicle can tip over onto you.
  • A vehicle can push you into a wall.
  • You may be injured in a factory pressing machine.
  • A scaffold that you are working on collapses.
  • A ceiling or building can fall on you.

Crushing injuries occur wherever large vehicles are involved. They occur in factories, warehouses, and in materials handling businesses.

What crushings do

Because crushings put a body between very massive objects, they are often fatal. When they are not fatal, they are very challenging medical problems because they involve damaged organ, crushed bones, amputated limbs, heavy bleeding, tears and lacerations, skull injuries and damage to the nervous system.

Crushing incidents can lead to compartment syndrome, a serious condition in which muscles die and amputation may be necessary.

Crushing injuries require major medical intervention and lost time from work. Many cases require long-term assistance.

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