Surprising facts regarding rehabilitation rights in Colorado

Whether you work in an office, on a construction site or 50 feet in the air as window washer, your employer is typically obligated to purchase insurance through the worker’s compensation program so you can collect benefits if you suffer injury on the job. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others; however, accidents can happen anywhere, and sudden injury can have long-term consequences even if the injured person’s condition is non life-threatening. A key factor toward successful recovery often lies in the type of rehabilitation provided. Colorado workers will want to make sure they understand rehabilitation rights in this state before claiming benefits.

Most other states have laws requiring employers to provide vocational rehabilitation when workers’ injuries prevent them from returning to their duties in the workplace. Many may be surprised to learn that such is not always the case in this state. If a workplace accident resulting in injury to an employee occurred after 1986, a Colorado employer is not obligated to provide vocational rehabilitation as part of a benefits package.

Permanent disability often means that the insurance carrier may be obligated to pay benefits for the rest of a worker’s life. Colorado employers may exercise the option to provide vocational rehabilitation when it is needed to prevent permanent disability. There are often additional services that workers may be required to obtain in order to be eligible for full benefits when vocational rehabilitation is included in a benefits plan.

The worker’s compensation process can be quite complex and confusing to navigate. Any Colorado worker in need of legal guidance regarding rehabilitation rights or some other aspect of the worker’s comp system may reach out for support by requesting an appointment at Eley Law Firm. We provide free case evaluations to help our prospective clients keep fees to a minimum.

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