Workers’ compensation rights for airline workers

As an airline worker, you’ll know that your work is often physically strenuous and exhausting. In addition to serving customers and making sure that their needs are met, you have the responsibility to ensure that they are kept safe at all times. This can lead to enormous amounts of stress, and in many cases, you will have to put your customers’ safety and wellbeing ahead of your own.

There are many ways in which airline workers can become injured on the job. While severe turbulence may be considered one of the most common causes of injury, it’s actually more common to suffer strains from carrying items, scalds from hot drinks and general exhaustion from demanding schedules. If you have been injured, it is important that you take the time to understand your rights as an airline employee.

Unique legal issues

Making a workers’ compensation claim as an airline worker is more complex than it is in many other industries. One of the aspects that makes these claims more complex is the fact that airline workers travel constantly for their work, and their workplace varies. While the primary workplace is the airplane itself, the worker also needs to make their way through the airport as part of their job, and they are also required to complete layovers.

Therefore, if an airline worker slips and falls in the hotel that they must stay in between flights, they may be able to claim workers’ compensation for this injury. This is because it is reasonably foreseeable that the airline worker would have needed to walk around the hotel that they are staying in due to the requirements of their job.

Additionally, flight attendants and other airline workers who are injured in Colorado while on layovers are covered by Colorado workers’ compensation laws. This means that the law may change depending on an airline worker’s location when the injury occurred.

If you have been injured in Colorado as an airline worker, it is important that you take action to gain the compensation that you deserve.

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