Workplace accidents and injuries in 2022

Thousands of workers’ compensation claims are filed each year in Colorado. The rate of workers’ comp claims rises and falls based on the number of workplace accidents and injuries that occur. Workplace dangers could remain the same while the rates of accidents change.

Rates of injuries and accidents

An average of 4,000 injuries occur in the workplace each year. Most injuries affect older workers who are 55 years or older. Millions of injured workers are admitted into emergency rooms.

The most common types of accidents are slips and falls that account for most nonfatal injuries. The least occurring accidents are caused by fires and explosions. More than a dozen workplace fatalities occur every day, but the overall rates have decreased over the years.

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities receive the highest rates of injuries that result in workers’ comp claims. Since 2021, the costs of payments for service workers who receive workers’ compensation have increased by 7.8%. Increased wages and salaries have contributed to the increases in workers’ comp payments.

Increased penalties

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has passed regulations to increase federal penalties for workplace safety violations that occur in 2022. Twelve states have increased the costs of maximum penalties for serious violations. However, the number of violations has decreased since 2021.

Most employers in Colorado are required to provide workers’ compensation for their employees. However, the number of claims being filed varies each year, based on the increasing or decreasing rates of workplace injuries. Every year, workplace accidents and injuries occur that cannot be prevented, so the law requires that employers participate in these programs.

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