What are the most common workplace injuries for office workers?

Most people think of workplace injuries affecting workers on construction sites and in other dangerous settings. However, even those who work in Colorado offices can suffer on-the-job injuries.

Office workplace injuries are preventable

Although many workers in offices suffer job-related injuries, many of them are preventable. It’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all hazards are removed from common areas and that workstations are ergonomic. Anything that could foreseeably lead to an accident and workers suffering injuries should be handled immediately.

Workers may be able to avoid sustaining office work-related injuries by taking breaks when they need them as well. If a worker needs a special workstation set up, providing it can help prevent injuries.

Common types of accidents

Among the most common types of injuries that office workers suffer stem from slip and fall accidents. This often occurs when the floors are wet from being cleaned, from people tracking rain or snow in from outside or when the floors are sticky from food or drink spills. An employee can also trip and fall if carpeting or rugs are loose. Electrical cords being out in walkways could also result in an accident.

Workstations in the office that are not ergonomically designed could result in employees suffering repetitive motion injuries. Over time, workers can develop tendonitis or even carpal tunnel syndrome, which often requires rest and sometimes surgery. If the employer was aware of the risks and did nothing to mitigate them, the employee could be awarded workers’ compensation for their medical bills and injury-related expenses.

An employee can also suffer from neck problems and eye strain while sitting in front of a computer for seven or eight hours each day.

Sometimes, office workers are required to do some lifting as a small part of their job. Back injuries are common when workers have to do any type of lifting. If something is heavy, lifting with the legs is crucial in protecting the person’s lower back.

Office injuries can cause serious harm and force employees to file for workers’ compensation.

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