How to stay safe on the job in winter

Winter brings many challenges to Colorado residents, including at work. In addition to on-the-job hazards, you may face year-round due to factors like cold and ice. Keep the following in mind as you work throughout cold months.

Take extra care in winter to avoid injuries

Winter conditions can lead to more workers’ compensation claims, especially if you drive daily while working. Whether you drive your own vehicle or one owned by your company, make sure that it goes through a safety check before cold weather hits so you don’t become needlessly stranded. Brakes should be in good condition, as stopping in snowy and icy weather can take longer. Slow down, especially in the dark, when driving conditions are less than optimal. Always have an emergency kit, including a blanket, inside your vehicle’s cabin in case you become stranded.

If you work outside, bundle up with extra lawyers to keep warm. Ask your employer to provide specialized protective equipment if you work in hazardous winter conditions. At the same time, take extra care while on the job site. If possible, go inside buildings more frequently during extreme cold to avoid frostbite. Pay attention to areas of excessive snow and ice. The latter can result in an increased incidence of slips and falls, which are often more severe in winter conditions.

Compensation for winter workplace injuries

Winter conditions can exacerbate many common workplace injuries, especially those involving broken bones, strains, sprains and other soft tissue injuries. More severe mishaps can lead to more medical treatment, therapy and longer recovery times. You may experience more substantial time away from your job. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can help pay for medical treatments and provide you with income while you recover.

Negligence is also a factor in winter workers’ compensation claims. If your employer foregoes regular winter maintenance on company vehicles and you sustain injuries in a car accident while working, you can also file a claim. The goal is to ensure you receive proper treatment and payment to cover medical treatments and living expenses.

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