What should my employer be doing to prevent nurse injuries?

Nurses are at risk for a variety of injuries on the job, including injuries from moving patients. Several factors, such as improper lifting techniques, overexertion and slips and falls, can cause these injuries. Hospitals can help nurses avoid these injuries by providing proper training, equipment, and support.

Here are some tips for hospitals to help nurses avoid injuries from moving patients:

Provide proper training

Hospitals should provide you with training on proper lifting techniques and body mechanics. This training should be ongoing and updated regularly to reflect the latest safety guidelines.

Provide proper equipment

Hospitals should provide you with the proper equipment to safely lift and move patients. This equipment includes lifting devices, such as patient lifts and transfer sheets, as well as personal protective equipment, such as gloves and back braces.

Create a safe work environment

Hospitals should create a safe work environment for you and your coworkers by eliminating hazards and providing adequate staffing. This includes keeping floors clean and free of clutter, providing sufficient lighting and ensuring there are enough nurses on staff to lift and move patients safely.

Encourage and train injury reporting

Hospitals should encourage you to report injuries, even if they are minor. They should also teach you the proper procedure for reporting an injury. This can help hospitals identify potential problems and take steps to prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

Provide support for injured nurses

Hospitals should provide support for injured nurses, such as providing paid leave and access to physical therapy. This will help you recover from your injuries and return to work safely.

Injuries from moving patients are a serious problem for you and your coworkers. The hospital should help you avoid these injuries by providing proper training, equipment and support.

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