First responders and work comp in Colorado: the issue of PTSD

The physical injuries that many first responders suffer are serious and significant. They include such things as a police officer getting shot or a firefighter suffering a fall in a burning building. The mental injuries that these front-line workers may suffer are not as straightforward, but they can result in devastating damage. Numerous first responders…


Government dam engineer dies from fall-related head injuries

Government construction workers are often vulnerable to serious injuries when they are employed at major public works projects in the state of Colorado. Sadly, other such workers also suffer the same fate; one West Coast man has died after he fell at a construction site at a dam. The man, age 62, died in Washington…


5 ex-Kansas City Chiefs sue football team

A lawsuit was filed by five professional football players who used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs. The plaintiffs claim the team lied about the risks of head injuries and hid the injuries during 1987 and 1993, when there was no collective bargaining agreement in position in the NFL. The former players claim to…


Workers who suffer a brain injury may see personality change

Often we discuss many of the different ways that a brain injury can impact a worker after an accident. There are the physical implications, that require therapy and check-ups, and there are financial implications from medical expenses. For brain injury victims, these are the immediate concerns that come up after the injury. But there is…


Nature’s pests to help with brain injury recovery research?

It’s no surprise that a head injury can result from a number of different traumatic incidents. Whether while at work at a construction site or trying to retrieve a ream of paper from a top shelf, a worker can get struck on the head and unknowingly have a brain injury. Statistics show that over 1.5…


Pro baseball players balk at brain injury protection

Denver sports fans have been hearing a lot lately about the traumatic brain injuries that plague professional football players. Over the course of even just a season or two, these athletes suffer repeated blows to the head, causing long-term damage that may not only ruin their careers, but shorten their lives measurably by causing irreversible…

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