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August 2011 Archives

Family may consider death benefits after Colorado work accident

The death of a loved one in a work accident is devastating. There are so many questions that the family may have. How did the accident happen? Could it have been prevented? What do we do now? The spouse may be wondering how he or she is going to support the family without the worker's income.

Employer Faces Investigation for Six Workers Sickened by Mold on the Job

Six administrative workers employed by the University of Colorado in Boulder (CU) have come down with a mystery illness that they believe was caused by mold contamination in the engineering building where they work. Their claims spurred an investigation of potentially harmful work conditions at the university that is currently underway, but more can be done to help the university's workers.A spokesperson for CU said university specialists are investigating the building, but so far, they found no signs that mold contamination is present. The university had the employees' offices deep-cleaned and ran an air purifier for two days. The university also sent the employees to doctors to see if a common symptom exists that might help experts determine the cause of the illness.

Injured workers may have questions about workers' compensation

To an employee, going to work every day becomes a routine. Once comfortable in a job environment, it can be easy to show up, do your job, and then go home. But sometimes a routine like this can be interrupted if an accident occurs at work and you are hurt as a result. Then, things can get complicated.

Clothing company factory worker crushed by jammed machine

In Colorado, employees who suffer workplace injuries can seek compensation. There are a number of different types of injuries that can occur across many different workplaces. These can include head injuries, occupational diseases, and even lung diseases from toxic substance exposure.

Is there a new procedure to detect work-related brain injuries?

There are several different ways that an employee can suffer a brain injury while at work. A worker could slip and fall on a wet floor or get hit on the head by falling debris or other objects. Regardless of how the head trauma happens, the brain injury that may follow can have devastating consequences.

Two Colorado DOT workers injured in highway collision

A recent post discussed the dangers that Colorado road workers face on-the-job each day. A Colorado Department of Transportation worker was killed after he was struck by a car; he had been retrieving a piece of loose debris from the road to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Colorado Grain Elevator Fatality Resulted From OSHA Violations

Tempel Grain Elevators has pleaded guilty to federal workplace safety violations that contributed to the workplace death of a 17-year-old Haswell, Colorado, worker. Cody Rigsby died from asphyxiation in 2009 after he was engulfed in grain after entering a grain elevator that was being emptied.

Summer heat leads to increase of work-related illness

Workers whose jobs take them outside may find themselves in need of workers' compensation benefits this summer as temperatures hit all-time highs in states across the country, including Colorado. High temperatures may be responsible for cases of work illness this summer as workers struggle to stay cool while working.

Colorado worker struck by car on the highway

When the weather outside is nice, Colorado residents may see more workers out on the roads where there is construction. But construction zones are not the only place where workers are at risk of getting injured. Whenever something falls off a car and could potentially cause an accident, a Colorado Department of Transportation worker may have to get it off the road.

Workers' comp settlements for back injuries may not be enough

It is reasonable to assume that when an employee is injured in a work-related accident, there are some immediate consequences. These can include physical injury, medical expenses, and time off work for recovery. All of these things can further escalate the employee's frustration. But an injured employee can seek workers' compensation to help with some of the financial challenges that can arise.

Worker who suffers brain injury may be at greater risk of stroke

A worker can suffer a work-related head injury in a number of ways. Debris could fall on his or her head or the worker could slip and fall on a wet floor. And while the recovery from a head injury can cause a lot of complications both professionally and personally, a head injury can cause another type of injury: a brain injury.

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