Shoulder strain a product of typing, office work

Many people in Aurora have jobs that require them to sit in front of a computer for eight hours while doing hours of typing on a keyboard.

Though it is part of the job requirements, typing or sitting for long periods can create mobility problems in the wrists. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of those issues that many people are aware of, but they may not understand how carpal tunnel syndrome and a sedentary lifestyle can affect the body as a whole.

Typing mostly deals with wrist placement, and there is a wrong and right way to place the wrists while at the keyboard that can also create a problem in the shoulders.

Office workers generally suffer from shoulder strain due to a lack of stretching. When typing, much of the pressure rests on the shoulder joints and this pressure makes them rotate internally. Strains can easily occur if the employee does not take the time to release some of the pressure from the joint and balance the body.

To help decrease the problem of shoulder strain, employees who regularly sit at a desk and type on a computer keyboard can make sure to practice rotating the shoulders, rolling them backwards or stretching their arms over the head. It is recommended to perform these motions each time an employee stands from the desk. They can help reduce the threat of pain throughout the day.

However, even with preventative measures, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder strain can happen and be extremely hindering to one’s position. In certain situations, employees can seek workers’ compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

Source: The Washington Times, “Stretching reduces typing-induced shoulder pain,” Jessica Josh, Jan. 24, 2013

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