Medical benefits are part of injured Colorado workers’ rights

When an employee is injured on the job, he or she may have need of medical treatment. It may be difficult for the employee to manage this treatment for many reasons that involve the employer, the employer’s insurance company and even the medical professionals charged with the employee’s care. At The Eley Law Firm in Denver, we strive to help Colorado employees understand the provisions of medical benefits and how it ties in to injured workers‘ rights.

When a worker is injured, he or she is frequently assigned an authorized treating physician (ATP) who oversees the worker’s care. This person is frequently appointed by the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier. Due to this fact, the ATP might have a previously established relationship with either of those entities, which could result in the ATP siding with the employer or insurance company over the employee. The ATP may make decisions about the worker’s care that are not necessarily in his or her best interest, but rather to the benefit of the entity that designated the ATP. The doctor could decide that the employee is ready for work or does not have any impairment when that is not the case.

We at the Eley Law Firm in Denver have represented numerous workers with this exact dilemma. We ensure that the workers’ needs are put first and that ATPs do not favor the opinions of a company or insurance rep over the injured employee. If medical treatment is outright refused by the insurance company, we can assist employees in asserting their rights.

For those Colorado workers who need more information, our webpage on medical benefits and how they relate to workers’ rights may be helpful. It is important that employees are aware of what they are entitled to in a workers’ compensation claim. It can mean the difference between healing and further harm.

Source: eleylawfirm.com, “Denver Medical Benefits Lawyer“, , Sept. 22, 2014

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