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October 2014 Archives

Company violations could lead to permanent disability

Workers in Colorado warehouses and other industrial environments are exposed to numerous hazards, and the risk of injury can be high without proper safety measures in place. When a company fails to make the safety of its workers a priority, injuries could be suffered that lead to permanent disability or even death. This is one reason why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts inspections of businesses in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

Inhalation of asbestos can lead to permanent disability or death

Colorado workers in certain industries seem to have the highest risk of asbestos exposure -- construction workers, mechanics and those who repair ships. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that no level of exposure to this naturally occurring substance is considered safe. Inhalation can ultimately result in permanent disability or death. 

Workers' compensation death benefits in Colorado

Workers' compensation benefits can provide financial assistance when an employee is injured and may also be needed by an employee's surviving family when a person loses their life from a work related accident. A family may rely on the income of a loved one and suffer if that person is killed while on the job. Some people may look to professional help when attempting to collect workers' compensation benefits on behalf of a deceased loved one. A middle aged woman recently lost her life at a Colorado work site when she was crushed between two rail cars.

Colorado trucker may have had death benefits

When a person loses their life as a result of a work accident, their family may be entitled to death benefits through workers' compensation. Death benefits can often be used to cover funeral costs and loss of income incurred from the tragic loss of a loved one. An older truck driver in Colorado recently lost his life in an accident that caused his fully loaded truck to tilt and fall on its side.

Colorado oil industry and workman's comp

The oil and gas industry is a leader in hazardous work environments and may have many employees that require workman's comp after an accident. Workman's comp may be used to cover medical costs, disability reimbursement or funeral expenses -- in the event of a fatal injury. Colorado has seen multiple injuries and fatalities occur among employees within the oil and gas industry over the years.  

Loved ones of crushed worker may need death benefits

Many young Colorado women and men work hard to support their family and build a secure financial future for those they love. When they are injured or killed at work, their family may face a loss of income and unexpected expenses that death benefits may be able to help with. A person that believes they are in need of death benefits after losing a loved one in a workplace accident may have questions about the process. A young man employed at a steel facility recently lost his life when a large tank fell on him, leaving behind a bright future and young family.

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