Company violations could lead to permanent disability

Workers in Colorado warehouses and other industrial environments are exposed to numerous hazards, and the risk of injury can be high without proper safety measures in place. When a company fails to make the safety of its workers a priority, injuries could be suffered that lead to permanent disability or even death. This is one reason why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts inspections of businesses in the aftermath of such a tragedy.

OSHA investigators began an inquiry regarding an out-of-state truck terminal in March. A number of violations were discovered relating to forklift and fall hazards. Forklifts that were in need of repair were still in use, and platforms did not have the required guardrails to protect workers from falls of over four feet. Moreover, floors in the facility were not kept clean and dry.

The Illinois location of Massachusetts based Central Transport, LLC is not the first company site to be issued citations by OSHA. The company is contesting at least some of the citations from other locations. Reports indicate that it is also challenging the results of the Illinois inspection.

Like this company, apparently, some Colorado companies may not be giving enough attention to the safety of their employees. When that happens, it naturally follows that workers are exposed to an increased risk of permanent disability or even death. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to help with the expenses and other financial losses associated with those incidents. Of course, most workers would prefer that the company spend the time and resources necessary to ensure they do not suffer an injury in the first place.

Source: ehstoday.com, “Transportation Firm Facing $145,420 in OSHA Fines for Forklift and Fall Hazards“, Josh Cable, Oct. 23, 2014

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