Workers’ compensation benefits also available for back injuries

While the construction and manufacturing industries are typically associated with workplace injuries, other less physical occupations can also be hazardous. Office and retail workers also face risks of suffering a work injury. Many of these workers suffer back injuries that cause long-term medical problems. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may be pursued by similarly injured workers in Colorado.

Actions that can cause back injuries include long hours of sitting or standing with a bad posture, repeated lifting, moving and placing of items — regardless of the weight of the articles. Working in cramped spaces that force workers into unnatural stances can also be damaging. Although there is much that companies can do to reduce these injuries, employees can also focus on protecting their backs.

Loads that are too heavy for one person to handle must not be lifted without help. Lifting in unison, workers should bend their knees and keep their backs straight. Carry loads close to the body, and don’t turn at the waist to look back. When putting the load down, the body must be in the same position as for lifting the object — bent knees and straight backs.

Many business use ergonomics, fitting the job to the person, and it goes a long way in preventing musculoskeletal disorders. These are commonly associated with workers in offices, retailers and manufacturing lines. It is, for instance, amazing how much protection foot rests or floor mats can provide against disc pressure on the backs of workers. Chairs, workstations and computers must be at the correct height, and nobody should remain sitting or standing for longer than two hours without taking a break. Back injuries can cause lifelong discomfort and pain, and the help of an experienced Colorado workers’ compensation attorney may ease the process of pursuing workers’ compensation benefits claims for medical expenses and wage replacement.

Source: work.chron.com, “Workplace Safety for Preventing a Back Injury“, Christina Caldwell, June 26, 2016

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