Death benefits under workman’s comp

For most business owners, the safety and well-being of each employee is a top priority. On a daily basis, you will find that most employers are striving to improve job safety and offer programs that will educate their workers on the very best safety practices and how to handle an accident should one occur. Regardless of the amount of preparation a company has instilled, workplace accidents or related deaths are a fact of life and continue to rise. Colorado employees should be aware of any death benefits provided by their employer under workman’s comp.

As the number of workplace accidents and related deaths continue to rise, many CEO’s are forced to plan for the worst while ultimately hoping for the best. When the breadwinner of the family is fatally injured on the job, the loss of income could potentially bring a devastating financial strain to his or her widow, kids, or other relatives. To help reduce the devastation, dependents that are left behind may be eligible to receive benefits under Colorado workers’ compensation laws upon proof that the accident was work related.

The determination of an eligible dependent can be extremely complicated. Once eligible, dependents may receive weekly wages, dependent on a certain amount of time, based on the deceased worker’s average wage, and reasonable burial and funeral expenses. Eligible dependents may also choose the option to receive a one-time lump sum payout.

Losing a loved one in any manner can be overwhelming. Death benefits can potentially provide a family with the needed funds to cover funeral expenses and any lost wages due to the sudden death. Colorado families, who were fully or partially dependent on a worker who suffered from a workplace death, are advised to seek the help of an experienced legal counsel when filing any workman’s comp claims and to pursue all the benefits to which that they are legally entitled.

Source: tlnt.com, “What to do When A Worker Dies On The Job“, Branigan Robertson and Sean Reisfebruary, Accessed on Jan. 15, 2018

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