Routine activities lead to more injured workers

Accidents can occur at any job in Colorado or elsewhere around the nation, regardless of the industry or size of the business. Despite what one may believe, most injured workers have not experienced a horrific accident or work in hazardous conditions. In fact, the majority of injuries are caused by mundane occurrences, such as trips, falls or overexertion.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 1 million injuries and illnesses that occur annually on the job. This represents one work-related incident for every 100 employees each year. The time away from work as a result of the injury or illness averages nine days per incident. A firm specializing in business security has compiled a list of the most common workplace injuries with the intent of encouraging employees to develop safer work environments.

Topping the list as the most common type of injury experienced on the job are sprains and strains. Commonly caused by overexertion, records show that employees in the United States have lost over 4 million days of work due to this type of injury. Also attributed to overexertion are injuries and disorders associated with swelling and soreness. Contusions are another common injury, caused primarily by contact with equipment on the job. Fractures that result after falls account for more than 3 million lost work days each year.

Lacerations and concussions resulting from contact with various objects and equipment used in the workplace are other common job-related injuries. Workers may also experience puncture wounds on the job. Finally, burns can occur when works come in contact with hazardous materials or equipment.

Employees have the right to safe working environments. Workplace injuries may still occur, even though companies have safety procedures in place. Injured workers should contact a Colorado workers’ compensation attorney for guidance to help them receive the full amount of the benefits entitled to them.

Source: madison.com, “The most common workplace injuries in the US“, March 30, 2018

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