Claiming workers’ compensation as a construction worker

Construction workers are some of the most at-risk employees when it comes to workplace injuries. Working on construction sites means that there are many different hazards present, and, sadly, many construction workers are seriously injured each year.

The good news is that workers’ compensation is in place to help construction workers get financial compensation after they are injured. They can also get access to rehabilitation programs so that they can train in a new profession if they are no longer able to work in construction due to their injuries. The following is an overview of your workers’ compensation rights as a construction worker.

The coverage of medical bills

Medical care is very expensive, especially if you do not have health insurance in place. This is why workers’ compensation will cover 100% of all the medical bills you incur as a result of your work-related accident. In some circumstances, you may need to claim that the treatment was necessary and directly related to your work-related injury.

The coverage of lost wages

As soon as you become injured, it’s likely that you will be unable to work for a significant amount of time since you will need to recover. This means that in the short term, you will be able to gain back a certain percentage of your lost wages through workers’ compensation. This amount is likely to be around two-thirds of your usual average wage.

Costs for retraining

If you are severely injured and are, therefore, unable to work as a construction worker in the future, you will be able to enter a rehabilitation program that is funded by workers’ compensation. This will help you to train for another profession and it could help you to start a new and exciting career.

Compensation for permanent injuries

If your injuries are permanent and significantly affect your quality of life, you will likely be able to gain additional compensation for the way that this has affected you.

If you have been injured as a construction worker in Colorado, it is important that you take swift action to file your workers’ compensation claim. If you do not act quickly enough, you may not be able to gain back damages.

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