Ground crew workers should be cautious in winter weather

Airline workers are sometimes out in the elements. Baggage handlers and others who work on the tarmac are usually outside in all sorts of weather. With winter right around the corner, these workers should ensure that they’re prepared for what the Denver weather will bring.

Working in the cold comes with some specific hazards. Knowing these ahead of time can help them to prepare. Anyone working on the ground crew should remember these tips:

Bundle up

Frostbite, which occurs when skin is frozen and begins to die, and hypothermia, which occurs when the body gets too cold, are real concerns when exposed to cold temperatures. Keeping your skin protected from the cold air is one way you can prevent these conditions. Try to layer your clothes, but keep those layers loose to help insulate your body heat against you. You may also need to wear clothes that can keep moisture away from your skin.

Anyone who thinks they have either of these conditions should get inside quickly. Warming up may help, but medical care is necessary. Not only can medical care help to prevent the condition from worsening, it can also provide the person with a plan for healing.

Watch your step

The colder weather brings ice, snow and sleet to the Denver area. While these are usually fairly well managed on the airport grounds, there’s still a chance that some will remain. This means that you need to be very careful as you walk around doing your job. Black ice is a big concern since it’s almost impossible to spot and can occur without warning.

Falling can lead to serious injuries, including damage to the back or head. It might also cause broken bones, sprains and other similar injuries. Anyone who falls on ice, snow or wet conditions should ensure they get prompt medical care.

Ground crew workers who suffer injuries due to the wintry conditions should ensure they understand their rights to workers’ compensation. This can cover the medical bills, as well as lost wages if they’re unable to return to work quickly. In some cases, injured workers will have to fight for those benefits.

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