Could cold weather bring increased worker-safety risks?

Many professionals find themselves dealing with the elements. In Colorado, the temperature could take a downturn, and snow may fall. Working in cold weather might be more than uncomfortable. Doing so might put someone at risk for an injury, possibly a severe one. Therefore, taking precautions when working in cold weather seems advisable.

Dangers and exposures in cold weather

Risking of “catching a cold” aren’t the only things workers need to worry about in windy and cold weather. Exposure to wind and cold might lead to frostbite, hypothermia, and other unexpected and troubling health issues. Workers may be at greater risk for health issues than they realize. Someone performing physical labor outdoors might sweat heavily, creating moisture. The body may experience decreased layers of protective heat.

Workers may also suffer from distractions during cold weather. A person feeling uncomfortable when the wind blows or the temperature drops may lose his/her concentration. Even a brief loss of concentration might lead to an accident. Injuries from tool mishaps or slip-and-fall accidents are possible.

Hopefully, a worker is adequately prepared for such conditions. Preparedness might cut down the chances for an injury, although eliminating the potential for a workplace injury entirely seems unlikely.

Preventive measures for working in the cold

Wearing appropriate clothes, such as hats, coats, gloves, and boots, could help cut down on injury risks. Eyewear and other protective items may assist a worker trying to stay safe. Employers that provide safety training for working in cold weather might raise awareness about better safety. Workers could also take steps to learn more about safety on their own. If problems do arise, however, filing for workers’ compensation benefits might be an advisable first step to take in order to ease the financial burden on people who have been harmed and are thus unable to return to work for a prolonged period.

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