4 common hazards of airport work

Colorado is home to over a dozen airports, including one major international hub. Airport workers perform all different kinds of jobs in a constantly changing and sometimes hectic environment. Here are four of the most common airport worker hazards:

#1: Slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents account for a huge portion of workers’ compensation claims across all occupations. In the airport sector, there are a lot of risks for slip-and-fall injuries both inside and outside of the terminals. Heavy crowds and cluttered walkways can make the risk of falling even worse.

#2: Musculoskeletal injuries

Airport workers that load passenger luggage are at risk for musculoskeletal injuries, especially while lifting overweight bags. Flight attendants that lift and reposition carry-on luggage can also suffer from back strains since proper body mechanics can be difficult in tight quarters.

#3: Exposure to toxins

Exhaust from airplanes can be toxic, and working around it for hours everyday can make some airport workers sick. Inside the terminal, airport janitors are potentially exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals.

#4: Aggressive passengers

Violent outbursts by angry airplane passengers are frequently in the news. The airport can be a chaotic environment with a lot of potential for stress-inducing situations. When airport passengers become violently aggressive, terminal workers and flight attendants can be at risk for injuries.

Take time to heal from your injuries

If you have been injured while working at the airport, one of the worst things you can do is return to work too soon. Returning to work before your body is fully healed may aggravate your existing injuries and increase the likelihood of another accident.

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