Common machine shop hazards that cause serious injuries

Many businesses in Colorado involving physical work and power tools have implicit hazards. Machine shop workers have more to worry about than those in other industries regarding serious injuries when they operate equipment incorrectly or without proper training.

Machine shop injuries can lead to disabilities

Equipment that can cut through metal, wood and plastic can easily cut through human flesh, resulting in the accidental amputation of fingers or limbs. As there is no way to altogether remove saws, power presses, shaping machines, and the like from this environment, proper training is essential to avoid injuries. These machines can also cause crush and pinch points, producing injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims. Cuts and lacerations that don’t penetrate entirely through a finger or limb are also common.

Several other serious injuries plague machinists, the most common being mishaps with the eyes from screws, burs and other scraps of material or splashes from chemicals used. Chemicals can also cause breathing difficulties if the company sidesteps inhalation precautions. Ultraviolet light damage is another common problem. Virtually all machinery in this industry uses electrical power, so frayed cords and other hazards can cause electrical shocks or electrocution if the wiring is not maintained correctly. Finally, machinists are also prone to repetitive injuries. Although not as severe as some other mishaps, repetitive motion injuries comprise up to 35% of workplace injuries and are responsible for considerable downtime.

On-the-job injuries deserve workers’ compensation

Pursuing your workers’ compensation claim is essential because you deserve compensation when a job-related activity injures you. The rules for filing these claims are strict, so you must follow them precisely to get the compensation you need if you are unable to work. Documenting your injury and prompt filing will increase your chances of a successful claim.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your company’s insurance carrier will try to blame the accident on you and deny your claim. That’s why keeping comprehensive medical records is essential to prove your injury. Workers’ compensation is available for you. Make sure you do everything possible to get it.

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