Work-related factors that contribute to police officer PTSD

People working for law enforcement agencies in Colorado have demanding duties placed on them. The nature of the work can leave a police officer with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This psychological response to difficult or agonizing situations impacts a person’s ability to function at work and in private life. Multiple issues raise the risk of…


Heart attacks on the job in Colorado

Workers in Colorado might have numerous concerns about their health and safety. Some work environments are hazardous, meaning workers face increased risks of harm. However, any employee could suffer an injury on the job, with slip-and-fall accidents being common. Workers might fall victim to life-threatening heart attacks, which could be life-altering events. Cardiac arrest on…


How to stay safe on the job in winter

Winter brings many challenges to Colorado residents, including at work. In addition to on-the-job hazards, you may face year-round due to factors like cold and ice. Keep the following in mind as you work throughout cold months. Take extra care in winter to avoid injuries Winter conditions can lead to more workers’ compensation claims, especially…


What are the most common manufacturing injuries?

No matter where they are in Colorado, manufacturing businesses are notorious for workplace injuries. Although severe mishaps get all the attention, many workplace injuries occurring in manufacturing plants are minor, with some developing over time. What are the most common injuries in manufacturing plants? Most injuries are non-fatal According to the National Safety Council, the…


Beware of these construction site dangers in Colorado

Of the numerous dangers that are common on construction sites in Colorado, there are four that OSHA considers the most fatal. These are extreme temperatures, handling materials manually, loud noises and contaminated air. The hierarchy of controls One major hazard is simply not being aware that these dangers exist. Preparedness and cautionary measures are two…


Preventing workplace injuries

When an employee suffers an injury at a Colorado jobsite, the victim’s life could become challenging. Undergoing medical procedures and rehabilitation, combined with the downtime from work, might lead to enormous stress. While workers’ compensation benefits may help financially, workers would of course prefer to avoid getting hurt. Taking steps to reduce workplace injuries could…

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