Workplace accidents and injuries in 2022

Thousands of workers’ compensation claims are filed each year in Colorado. The rate of workers’ comp claims rises and falls based on the number of workplace accidents and injuries that occur. Workplace dangers could remain the same while the rates of accidents change. Rates of injuries and accidents An average of 4,000 injuries occur in…


Reporting repetitive strain injuries to worker’s comp

Many workplaces in Colorado come with their share of occupational hazards. One of these may be a type of injury that comes about due to the strain on your body from excess repetition. If you are noticing symptoms of this type of injury, you need to take action. This may include filing for worker’s comp….


Understanding workplace concussions

Concussions are a serious problem in the Colorado workplace. Every year, workers suffer from concussions and other head injuries that require time off work for treatment. Many workers do not realize that they can receive workers’ compensation benefits for these injuries. How do workers suffer concussions at the workplace? Common causes of concussions include falls,…


Understanding the hazards that construction workers face

Construction workers do some of the most dangerous jobs in Colorado. Every year, countless workers get injured on the job, and some of them die as a result. Therefore, it’s very important for construction workers to be aware of the safety hazards that they face every day and take the necessary steps to receive workers’…


New workers: A higher accident risk

Residents of Colorado might want to learn more about workers’ compensation and who is most at risk. A report from an insurance company in 2022 found that new workers had the highest risk of injury. This was for many occupations, although some industries had more accidents. According to business wire services, the study revealed that…


Office employees receive workers’ compensation for eye injuries

The CDC says that around 2,000 on-the-job eye injuries occur each day in the United States. Colorado workers are a part of that statistic. Protecting your eyes at work seems simple enough, yet eye injuries occur at alarming frequencies. Construction workers receive many eye injuries at work, but office workers also experience significant eye injuries….

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