Injured at work: Heat exposure dangerous even after June

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently issued a reminder that employers nationwide, including in Colorado, should not lose sight of the hazards of environmental heat exposure even though summer is winding down. Heat illness can occur at any time, and of all reports about employees being injured at work during this time, a significant percentage involved…


Work duties can increase the likelihood of heart disease

Heavier than normal work activities can result in a heart attack, even in a person who does not exhibit any signs of heart problems. In the parlance of the Colorado workers’ compensation system, this is known as “unusual exertion”. When unusual exertion does cause a heart attack, a worker can claim workers’ compensation benefits, though…


What is occupational asthma and how is it treated?

Asthma: Anyone who has it or knows someone who suffers from the affliction is aware of asthma’s frightening effects. Out of the blue, an asthma sufferer can start coughing, wheezing or gasping for breath. Often, a sufferer must stop everything he or she is doing and seek relief from an inhaler. When an asthma attack…


American Airline employees “allergic” to new uniforms

Boss, this work uniform makes me sick. Literally.  Workers have always complained about corporate uniforms. But thousands of American Airlines employees have experienced adverse reactions and even chronic health problems related to new uniforms rolled out last September. Hundreds of flight attendants and other personnel have reacted to something in the uniforms. They have reported…


Permanent disability: Welding can cause Parkinson’s disease

Workers in Colorado are likely aware of the fact that they can claim insurance benefits after suffering work-related injuries. However, not all employees know that workplace illnesses can cause permanent disability, which also entitles them to workers’ compensation benefits. The medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology recently published the findings of a study…


Workers’ rights include protection against mercury hazards

It is surprising how many workers nationwide are unaware of hidden dangers that they are exposed to during every shift they work. One of the most basic of workers’ rights is the right to a safe workplace environment. However, workers are often oblivious of odorless and invisible aerial substances that pose significant dangers. A business…

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