Workers’ rights include protection against mercury hazards

It is surprising how many workers nationwide are unaware of hidden dangers that they are exposed to during every shift they work. One of the most basic of workers’ rights is the right to a safe workplace environment. However, workers are often oblivious of odorless and invisible aerial substances that pose significant dangers. A business…


What are Colorado workers’ rights regarding toxic exposure?

Some types of employees here in Colorado know that their jobs carry a degree of risk. These dangers typically relate to physical safety, such as a risk of falling or the risks of operating heavy machinery. There are some workers, however, who face other types of dangers that may not immediately come to mind. These…


Colorado Fracking Workers Face Silica Exposure Risk

Extraction work is a big part of Colorado’s economy. It is important to recognize, though, that people who work in the state’s oil and gas fields face a unique risk of injury. Not only do they frequently labor around dangerous heavy machinery, but they are also regularly exposed to hazardous substances that could cause permanent…


Toxic Polish May Put Nail Technicians at Risk

Throughout the United States, approximately 350,000 people work in nail salons or similar establishments. Nail technicians, 96 percent of whom are women, provide customers with manicures, pedicures and other beauty-enhancing services. Unfortunately, the work these people do may be putting them at risk for developing serious occupational diseases. Every day, nail technicians work with nail…

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